Commercial Locksmith

It has never been more vital to secure your retail, commercial, storage or office premises. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with you and your team to deliver the protection you need. We are Dallas Commercial Locksmith professionals, from office doors and file cabinets to outdoor re-keying and perimeter security, we’ve got you covered.


At AB Locksmith we know that you must carefully screen and chose the security providers that are capable of assessing your needs and recommending options for your business’s door locks or access and control systems. You need trustworthiness and discretion. You need locksmiths who arrive on time and work diligently to get your job done in the minimum of time, with the least disruption possible to your business and employees. We are professional and we offer the best hardware and products.


We deal with only top-rated products from quality manufacturers, including major brand names you expect to see. Call us! for any question, you might have. We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service, the type you tell your friends and colleagues about later. Our reputation is for both quality work and customer satisfaction, and you can depend on that being the case, every time. discuss with you the various merits of different types of locks or systems and help you chose the most appropriate one.

Our experience of security situations in all kinds of organizations – large and small – means that we can help you identify and manage-out your vulnerabilities, deter intruders and let you get on with the business of running your company. If the worst should happen and you suffer a break-in, simply call us on (972) 961-3968 and we will be there in double-quick time to help you back on the road towards having a safe, secure and thriving business. If you are just starting out or expanding into further or larger premises contact our commercial locksmith and we will be there to help you plan a security strategy for the long-term.